PHOTO: Ray Kachatorian/Appetite by Random House; Meat Pies from Good Food, Good Life by Curtis Stone.
Laura Brehaut/Postmedia News
Originally published on April 22, 2015; National Post
Meat pies are a well-loved Australian tradition. The hand-sized delicacies also happen to be a personal favourite of Melbourne-born celebrity chef Curtis Stone, and he’s sharing his tips for the “ultimate” version. “There are two things that make a great Aussie meat pie,” Stone says in an interview. “First, the filling needs to be really well seasoned, flavoursome with just the right texture. Then the crust; to get a good crust, you want almost pea-sized pieces of butter throughout your dough.” The secret to that, Stone explains, is to mix the dough very lightly, making sure not to overmix. The pieces of butter release steam as the pies bake, which results in flaky pastry. Stone prefers to eat his pies with a little bit of tomato relish, but feel free to enjoy them in true Aussie fashion… with ketchup.
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Montreal Gazette: May 6, 2015; page B4
The Vancouver Sun: April 29, 2015; page D3
The Windsor Star: April 29, 2015; page C1 / Front
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