PHOTO: Running Press; In her new book Preserving by the Pint, Marisa McClellan shares recipes with small yields; between two and four half pints.
Laura Brehaut/Postmedia News
Originally published on July 11, 2014; National Post
Saving the best of the season’s produce doesn’t have to be a weekend-long project. Small batches are where it’s at when it comes to preserving, whether you live in an apartment, have limited storage space or a fickle palate. Traditional canning recipes often produce huge yields, and require a time commitment to peel, chop, process and clean up the mess. Author Marisa McClellan specializes in small batch preserving. Her first book, Food in Jars (Running Press, 2012), and blog of the same name explore the very topic. Recipes for jams, jellies, conserves, chutneys and pickles in the book are all low-yield; between two and four pints (1 pint = 473 ml).
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