PHOTO: Patricia Niven; Srulovich and Packer's Fitzrovia Buns are a tribute to the currant-packed Chelsea bun. This breakfast bun is filled with dried sour cherries, pistachios and ground mahleb – an aromatic spice made from cherry kernels.
Laura Brehaut, Postmedia News
Originally published on January 11, 2017; National Post
Sarit Packer wants you to listen to your cake – lower your ear right down to cake-level, and listen intently. If it’s silent, it’s probably ready. If it’s gurgling or sizzling, it needs more time in the oven. Instead of using a skewer or toothpick, as you were likely taught, rely solely on your senses to determine doneness.
National Post: January 12, 2017; page B3
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